Monday, March 6, 2017

Trump's Tweets
     Although I do have a Twitter account, I do not use it much.....I find it too confusing. I would rather FB. Anyways...............
WTH is with Trump now??? He is paranoid and mentally unstable and the Republicans in charge NEED to get him tested and >>>>GONE<<<<
We are now to believe that President Obama ordered wiretapping on Trump Towers during the campaign???......I want to laugh, but after everything that has gone on, I do not feel it is laughable now. Trump decides to throw out anything that hits his paranoid mind and tweets it! People need to stop coming to his side and get him out of office and get some help! He is a liar and I feel a cheat.
He drew in hopeful & needful people and they voted for him because of his "promises"........"promises" that have not come to fruition,  and in my mind, never will. He just sold his "snake oil"...........I hope and pray people stop believing him and taking his side. I pray those pro-trumpers can come to their senses and realize they have been taken by this "rube"'s not their fault they believed him......he lied to everyone!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Massacres & other non-existant problems

  Massacres and other non-existant problems told to us by Trump and his cronies.

1. The Bowling-Green Massacre by Conway
2. The Terror Attack in Sweden by Trump

I wonder what he is up to, while deflecting us with these types of messages?

     Are you afraid for the freedom of all "free countries/states"...I know I am.

I am making this a forum for the free speech of those who are not for Trump. For those who are afraid of what he is doing and what he will do.

IMO this man is against anything or anyone not for him. Those who are afraid of what he is/will do are welcome to post. Please no spam...racist remarks...extremely rude names, etc.  We are adults and can put up with offensive words....but I do not want really offensive language. There are different words for people who are *ahem*......f-ers, "N words"......other than that, I can't think of any more horrible words/names. (in re: ass biggie) We, being adults, can deal with most words........if you can't then oops, sorry....find another blog please!  This will be a safe place to tell it like you see it. Jokes, venting, memes will be welcome. Just no porn.

I got tired of getting tirades against me just because I can not stand Trump and feel he is going to bring down my beloved USA and do horrible things to other countries in addition, but I want to be able to go somewhere and vent!
 I use to think Trump had *some* good ideas, but lately, I can not see them. I feel he is a dictator in training......Hitler, Mussolini, Hussein....they come to mind.

US citizens are paying HUGE amts. of money to protect him and his family at the Whitehouse AND NYC........oh, lets not forget Mar-a-lago!
Because his wife doesn't want to leave NYC because of their son's schooling....I am sure D.C. has some good private schools for him to attend. I think there should be some new "rules" added to becoming the president of the USA.
1.  Make showing your tax returns MANDATORY BEFORE you run for President and V-P.
2. You and your family and/or anyone else needing guarding 24/7 should live IN the Whitehouse.
3. There should be a "cap" on amts. of money spent on vacations, etc.

There are more things I can and will comment on....but this is a beginning!

NOW.......On to see if this blog makes it or fails! XX it makes it for people who love their freedom and democracy......In the USA and 'round the world!
I am still new to this, as I did try back in 2011 to blog about whatever it was I wanted to blog about, but it got nowhere....let me try again, with your help!